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omg, i neva hhad thots like thes b4..... i just want 2 die rihgt now :( fuk all u on livejournla. i don"t kare if I spell bad, u need 2 chill and x-cept ppl 4 who they R...

2day i telled tim i likee him but he say i shult loose mah baby fatz or somethnig. nd i starded krying righ t there in da classroom nd mr korals wuldn't let meh go 2 da bathrom or NEthing. god i fell liek i kuld neva go 2 dat place agen. i culd neva go bak 2 civix w/ mat, who will kall me a dumb stopid bitch 4 tellin tim i likeh im. this gurl at school told me something i thot was pretty kool 2day. it wuz on all o fher notebookz n stuff n it sed "THIS WORLD IS SO CORUPT" and im not shur exactly what dat last word ment but i think it meanz like... unfare u kno?/

so ya........ im gona go listen 2 sum avreil or gc............ just.................. realeaze.................................
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dambit.!!!!!!! why douesn't any one on livejuornal like me?????? *cries* :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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omg hey guys
so........... neways not much 2 say here lol
I m relly geting in2 the more punk muzik... avriil's new stuff, ya ya ya's, yallowcard, even more gc than usual lol!!!
ya... i m thinkng i want to loose waight... I fell so ugly :(
also kan ne1 fix mah bakgrond?
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ummmmm ok i"M not sher that I did diss right... but here'z a pictuer of me :) I dont kno how to do the thng so that it's bhind the page, sorry

hehe mah gurl felicia said I'm kayoot in this one. wut d'you guyz think? well dat was a day I didn't have n e makeup on :(

newayz....... how is ecveyone? i"m not so good :( I REally wanna tell Tim tHat I liek him but Imean, he woul never like me he don'ts understand me at all. I jst udnerstand now why some ppl cut themselves... I unDerstand The pain....... MayB They Don"T Get enuff attension....... i kno I kan Relate........... I loev u guys :(

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hey i addeed sum ppl @ livejounl so could u coment to say hi or sumthin? kool

sory about my speelling before this. lol i coudn't tyuipe at all!!!!!!! hehe

o and ps~ u guys should check out some of the beutiful ladies in chubbychicks... u ladies are so prety ;)
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HEY GUYS!!!! lol i totallly 4got about this journal *~*sorree... butt i ws at the comuter labb and i saw this guy @ lievjournal... i was like "lol i just remember i have 1 of those..."

SO WAHT"S UP?? i am so over doug i askked him out nd he sed no... :( lol their is thiz HOTTEE nmed tom that just mooved to my block... lol.

her's sum stuf that's hapned...
ther was a talnt show @ school last munth, i sanng a song i wrot 4 doug call "givin' my luv".. of curz i didnt say it wus 4 him lol. n e wya my friendz said it was relly cool... some peeps i didn even no stopped me 2 say it was cool. only like a few guyz maed fun of me but they'r just losers lol... i kno i'm a rely goot singer, i can hit realy high notes nd i dont go flat... i provde them wrong.
i gott sum kewl cds... staci orrico is way cuol. but i thnik i might be into rock 2. the linkinn park cd is so so so god, it relly describes mi feelins especally nobone's listening .. basicaly when i am mad i like this music lol. also evanesanse (lol i cant spel that) is liek tham but w/a christan view wich relly speeks 2 me. i thnk thatt music 2day can b so sinful nd i ned more xtian in my life u know/
i hav desided i dont like sum 41 bcuz of this.. i ned musisans who r good roll models sometimez.

OMG lol... i dont know whi i have anti_avril comunity aded 2 my friendz but these guys r not my friends @ all! loserz... gt a life.

oh nd i g2a rite abut my friandz... i hav been having hard time w/them... i think we r just growing apart ;_; ok thay m8k fun of me and also gthey r tring to get me 2 listen 3 their music... itz all liek staind and white strips... losar bands.. espcsialy white strips and vnes... JUST SOUNDS LIKE A BUNCH OF NOISE!!!!! but ther is 1 band i liek... got a guyo singin about ihs girlfrinds its raly emotional... somethin about confessions was the song titl or somethin. i just head it @ mandee's hauws.

i hav 2 go see "down w/luv"! ranee zelwiger is so prity... i think i look kidna lik her :)))) mayB 1 day i wil be taht prity. ^_^

alrit guys... guna show anotha boem... hope u liek it :]

~*mah wurld*~
mah worldz spinnin so fast
why do u rush past
give me a 2nd chanse
2 b ur gurl

cuz i <3 u
nd i need u
but u never talk 2 me
even wehn i call u...
com visit mend b in...

u got a lot of chix buggin u
but non like me
so take 2 me babez
dont walk away


so b in mah worldz... cuz i lov u...</centar
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omg... i heard the most disgusting tihng 2day... peeps are posing as AVRiL fans to get attention n make fun of her.. that is so discusting.. GET A LIFE!!!! i hope they don't start on michelle or vanesa or p!nk... and u know what? avril IS PUNK becuz PUNK is NNOT ABOT being a boi or having lowd/hard 2 listen 2 music!! it's about RESPECTING URSELF and BIENG URSELF!! grrrrr ok i'm done lol... today was so cool... doug was in my science labbbbbb ^_^ and he touchde my hand duringg the xperiment... ii as like omg but then mariah told me that she herd he'z dating chrissy... ok I HOPE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRISSY IS A STUPID PREP BRAT erugh so stupid... anyway.. after school i went 2 the mall and got xtina's new albumm... at first i ws worried cuz "dirrty" is kinda... uh.... dirty lol! but i heard it has songs abut her life n stuff... like p!nk... and i love any song that has emotiunz... as u now!! lol. anyway it was relly good exsept i had 2 stand in line behind st0pid people buying eminim (ewww!) and nervana (double ewww!!) CDz. WHY WOULD U WANNA LISEN TO THAT???? omg mtv is tlaking abot nervana way 2 much... i thot they were sum new hard rock band lik nikelbakc but they were this oldiez gruop or something... lol elvis haas a nu album 2... WHATS WITH ALL THE OLDIEZ????? LOL!!

omg 2day i was talkin' to these gothz in my english class cuz we wer in the same book group... and they maed fun of me for wearin a tie... ok whatevar... they had linkin park shirts so i was gona make fun of that but i liek linkin park (lol it's a secret tho... no one would evar guess i own teh hibrid thery/..!!)

oh n i kant find my email pasword... so if newon comments... i can't reply :( *sorry*
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YaY!!!!1 LoSiNG GRiP is going 2 b the NEXT SINGLE off LET GO!!!!!!! i love taht song sooooo much it is a PeRFeCT FiT!!! u go avril she has such good tast.

lol avril's going 2 be on sabrina tha teenag witch i gotta see... u hav no idea what a GREAT pairing that will be!!!!! omg look at this quot i found on the avril music website:

The track is quintessential Avril. Beginning with a folksy acoustic melody, the head-over-heels admission culminates in an emotional typhoon � swirling, bombastic and inherently damaging. "Won't you take me by the hand/ Take me somewhere new/ Don't know who you are/ But I'm with you," she repeats in the song's chorus, sounding like a girl looking to escape the everyday any way she can.

"It's a song I wrote at the piano when I was kind of having a depressing day," she said. "Kind of like, where's my guy? One of those days."

AVRIL IS SO COOL!!!! i wish peepz wouldn't make fun of her so much...

but enuff about avril lol ok ichelle bracnh is also so good she just makes me want to write more peotry and songz... maybe sumday i can be as good as them?? i hope!! oh btw here is mah new song dedikated to the girlz:

my frineds, uve always been w/me
through the hard times n the bad
i just wanna thank u
for the memoriez we have

cuz when ur down on ur luck and the sky is black
i'll be their to watch ur back

don't need to thank me, cuz it's tru
my best friends are only u

DO U LIKE???? i should maybe join a poetry communinity? i want 2 post in communitiez but not untill my juournal lookz good enuff... like i need iconz!! oMG i haven't VALIDATED yet what does that mean???? lol i'm so loser!! sry.. lol i just changed the colrrs my journal looks so haot!!! ok i'm gunna work more on my journal b4 class so bi guyz!!

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omg guys.... i THiNk i'M iN LoVe!!

u kno that *tinglee* feelin when u get around a person that makes u feel all... bubbly?? lol well i wrote a song about a boi in mah class who maeks me feel JUST TAHT WAY! ;-)

it's claled

i'm no BaRBiE
but i think u notice me
coz ur lush green eyez
looked back @ mine
i'm original
just look at my FuNKy clothez (lol)
we may be frum 2 different crowdz

u r awesum i really like u
ur clothez, ur hair, and ur super additude
i wanna hug u and maybe even a little kiss (^_^)
cuz holdin' u would be *~*~PuRe BLiSS~*~*

do u notice me
cryin' in da corner of ur heart
wil u hand me a kleenex (lol)
will u hand me ur haert

u r awesum i really like u
ur clothez, ur hair, and ur super additude
i wanna hug u and maybe even a little kiss (^_^)
cuz holdin' u would be *~*~PuRe BLiSS~*~*

ok do u like it?????????????? i feel kinda dum splurgin mah heart out 2 u guyz... like mah overchraged visa! lol man i'v just been listenin' 2 avril 24/7 laetly... ah mean she sings so deeplee! :-)

which avril song are you?

it took me a little while to understand how 2 get tihs quizzz into teh livejournal... OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if i'm such a gud friend tehn why don't i hav mor :(:(:( lol but i tink doug notices me... loll (the guy i wrote teh song about uduh!!!) :-) well, PeAcE oUt BuDz!!

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